Photos from ‘Exquisite Oregon Dinner’ at The Beard House

On Thursday, September 8, Chef John Newman was joined by a group of chefs primarily from the Pacific Northwest at The Beard House in New York City. The event was a huge success, as can be seen by the fabulous pictures posted below. Photos by Tom Kirkman.

Chef John Newman toasts success with a glass of Oregon wine

Participating chefs included:

Gehrett Billinger of The Astoria Golf & Country Club, Astoria, Oregon
Jonathon Hoffman of Seaing Greens, Cannon Beach, Oregon
Faitha Hearing of FISHES Sushi & Japanese Cuisine, Cannon Beach, Oregon
Tyler Casiano, Oregon pastry chef
Rich Strahley of Mad Boar Restaurant, North Carolina
Alex Newman of Kendall College, Chicago
Edward (EJ) Tipple of Queens, NY
Liz Rubin of Oregon, former intern at The Beard House

The exquisite dinner consisted of ingredients from every part of Oregon. Truffles from Oregon Wild Edibles; organic produce from King Fisher Farms; wine from Walnut City Wineworks, Argyle Wines, and Pelican Pub & Brewery; meat from Meadow Harvest and OK Ranch; cheese from Rogue Creamery, Tumalo Farms, and Mama Terra Micro Creamery; and bottled water from Oregon Rain.


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